The Catch and Release – The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room is the project of Scottish singer/songwriter Mike Fullarton from Dundee. Fullarton has been writing and playing his own music for around 15 years and describes himself as a “one man band”. Accompanied by his trusty, battered acoustic guitar and old four track he writes music that can described as acoustic indie-folk. Lyrically it’s clear this song revels in the darker side of life.

The Catch and Release is the latest single he has released and is true to previous form with an essentially downtempo feel and an almost drone like vocal reminiscent of 1990’s US band The Red House Painters.  It differs from the catchy, uplifting feel of previous releases such as ‘Devils and Shotguns’ or ‘From In I Look Out’ but is perhaps more sophisticated musically than these earlier tracks.

True to form, he plays the opening chords whimsically whilst singing of being “crouched in the shadows, gritted teeth, I’m out to maim. It’s not long before he’s joined by a fiddle which accompanies him hauntingly on his journey. The strings seem to joust with him at times and occasionally the vocals struggle ever so slightly to hold their own but a glorious key change towards the end leads to a beautiful acoustic finish that would be an interesting work in its own right.

The singer songwriter space is certainly crowded at the moment and Fullarton will do well if he is able to remain and simply be himself. Certainly an interesting track and this, along with his earlier works, are well worth digging out!

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