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Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

‘My Woman’, The 4th album from Olsen is definitely a musical gift to Glam Country fans – presented in a way that only a few can. ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ is a self explanatory statement. The woman is fed up. Her frustration in love/war is evident to the listener and is cleverly delivered in a

Fiancé -H.A.G.S.

Introducing Fiancé, a band from Delaware composed by lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Fusca,  Brian Bruce on the drums, Tyler Yoder on the bass and Jeff Marvel and Sam Nobles on the guitars and synth respectively. H.A.G.S. is the band’s latest release with it’s 80’s feel shoe gaze feel. The track has a mellow, feel

Danny Brown – When it Rain

With a video that is a surreal mix of chat show to cartoon to news, this imagery gives us a taste of the chaos to come. With his trademark sexual drug fuelled metaphors shouted through his lyrics. Some hint of his ruthlessness is his reference in the lyrics to a noose “only way you’ll hang

fates warning – from the rooftops

Sound engineering at its majestic best, the percussion on this track is a high energy phenomenon which announces the vocals but doesn’t dominate them. As for the vocal, pure rust and steel emerging from chaos like a scaffold. After a lengthy hiatus, this is lyrical, technical and drumming genius with superbly crisp finished result of