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Fiancé -H.A.G.S.

Introducing Fiancé, a band from Delaware composed by lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Fusca,  Brian Bruce on the drums, Tyler Yoder on the bass and Jeff Marvel and Sam Nobles on the guitars and synth respectively. H.A.G.S. is the band’s latest release with it’s 80’s feel shoe gaze feel. The track has a mellow, feel

She Devils – Where There’s No One

Hold on? She Devils, Argentinian Punk band, going for 20 years? Well this is a departure from La Piel Dura territory. This isn’t noisy, this isn’t brash. This is trance like. It’s beautiful. The track is already gaining ground and you can hear or perhaps feel why. It ekes nostalgia. It crackles, no it literally

Sleepy Eyes – Mangoes

Track 6 from the relatively recent album Circadia, this track captures the soul of the album. Like an unhinged Morcheeba, you’ll feel almost comforted, but at once forsaken. You feel the music will settle you but it doesn’t. This isn’t comforting. However, if it were released in the 60’s this would be music to listen