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Floating Points – Peroration Six

Opens like fresh water droplets splashing onto your forehead, with its gentle tinkling percussion..it then transpires into something more sinister, urgent and menacing. On a loop this track is a ..mixture of jazz infused electronica building to a dark crescendo with a persistent symbol presence rising into a final crescendo lifting listeners to a new

Mike G & Coodie Breeze – Witness

This collaboration between Mike G, the American rapper and DJ best known as a member of hip hop collective Odd Future, and Coodie Breeze, otherwise known as Pyramid Quince, has all the energy of a sleeping group of stoners – but somehow still manages to creep under your skin. Slow-paced, mesmeric, and repetitive, with a

Tech N9ne – We Just Wanna Party ft. Ritz & Darrein Safron

Missouri-born rapper Tech N9ne has famously joined forces with everyone from Cee Lo Green and B.o.B to long-haired 60s rockers The Doors (yes, really) and Eminem. His latest collaborator is Darrein Safron, newly signed to Tech’s artist roster Strange Music, who adds his honey-smooth, almost feminine RnB vocals to Tech’s latest track. ‘My crew’s all

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle

In a time when young artists can be discovered overnight and rocketed towards Lorde-esque success, Julien Baker is the latest teen songwriter to come onto the scene, with the title track from her new Sprained Ankle album. And quite frankly, the song is gorgeous. Julien’s soft voice sings about the pain of, well, pain, and

Ensemble Economique – You, By Candlelight

Ensemble Economique is the project masterminded by Californian born Brian Pyle. Now on his eleventh album the work of Pyle is best described as ambient and You, By Candlelight is a perfect example of his craft. Pyle himself describes his work “as if day and night were colliding”. Hazy and laid back in vibe the

Bibi Bourelly – Ego

New track from the LA based, German born, Moroccan/Haitian singer songwriter makes it easy to see why she is attracting such a strong following online and been backed by Radio One in the UK. Her lyrics are raw and honest and not for your grandmother. When she sings “They want me to be this picture-perfect