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Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

‘My Woman’, The 4th album from Olsen is definitely a musical gift to Glam Country fans – presented in a way that only a few can. ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ is a self explanatory statement. The woman is fed up. Her frustration in love/war is evident to the listener and is cleverly delivered in a


With acoustic quality, this track is reminiscent of a modern day Ella Fitzgerald. Sza’s familiar rasp is like sandpaper on silk in the nicest possible way, it captures pain and angst in equal measure. “thinking ‘bout you. Funk neo soul and R&B mix beautifully in a blend of urban soul which will stay with you

Danny Brown – When it Rain

With a video that is a surreal mix of chat show to cartoon to news, this imagery gives us a taste of the chaos to come. With his trademark sexual drug fuelled metaphors shouted through his lyrics. Some hint of his ruthlessness is his reference in the lyrics to a noose “only way you’ll hang

Touche Amore – Palm Dreams

A very honest and heart rending track which speaks of the loss of his mother. Emotion is near the surface as while cleaning out her house after her death he realises there are still questions left unanswered. Regrets for her life and missed opportunities, this track is heartfelt and energetic. With lyrics, “What was it

aesop rock- kirby

Menacing or humourous, it’s hard to decide. Either way this video is a fun take on funky rap is addictive in it’s simplicity. We can just imagine kids singing hey Kirby. With lyrics like “puke in the miaoww mix” 10 year olds will probably love it for its cheekiness never mind the puppets and freaky

kodak black – Everything 1K

With a myriad of vocals weaving throughout the opening, this track twinkles with effervescent potential with liberal use of celesta and chimes to add sparkle giving it a feeling of hope. Penned while incarcerated, Kodak black laments his lost freedom from “going down the wrong path” and his childhood “growing up without a father it’ll

fates warning – from the rooftops

Sound engineering at its majestic best, the percussion on this track is a high energy phenomenon which announces the vocals but doesn’t dominate them. As for the vocal, pure rust and steel emerging from chaos like a scaffold. After a lengthy hiatus, this is lyrical, technical and drumming genius with superbly crisp finished result of

Bishop Nerhu – Midnight Reflecting

Reminiscent of Eminem’s lyrical fire, Bishop Nehru’s latest offering shows off his dulcet baritone rapping at its best. Capturing the midnight reflecting title perfectly, the video is moody and reflective with rhythmical lyrics which work a slow easy beat and then build to a crescendo dying quickly. “Lost in my thoughts, reality slowly leaves, like

Gucci Mane – All my children

Liberal use of echo makes this track memorable and catchy. Gucci mane’s lyrics, all of these “rappers are all of my children” sets him up as father of rap, a grand claim which speaks of his impact on rap culture. The mellow flow of this track makes it addictive to listen to. Some might take

roy woods – dolo in the cut

Imploding in our ear drums with its distinctive tribal reverb, this track develops into a mellow trademark sound with Woods at his best. With its interesting remix reverb at the beginning, the contrast with Woods’ clear cleancut lyrics burst through the track and shine out with refreshing clarity. Repetitive rhythmic hooks keep the audience hooked.