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aesop rock- kirby

Menacing or humourous, it’s hard to decide. Either way this video is a fun take on funky rap is addictive in it’s simplicity. We can just imagine kids singing hey Kirby. With lyrics like “puke in the miaoww mix” 10 year olds will probably love it for its cheekiness never mind the puppets and freaky

kodak black – Everything 1K

With a myriad of vocals weaving throughout the opening, this track twinkles with effervescent potential with liberal use of celesta and chimes to add sparkle giving it a feeling of hope. Penned while incarcerated, Kodak black laments his lost freedom from “going down the wrong path” and his childhood “growing up without a father it’ll

Gucci Mane – All my children

Liberal use of echo makes this track memorable and catchy. Gucci mane’s lyrics, all of these “rappers are all of my children” sets him up as father of rap, a grand claim which speaks of his impact on rap culture. The mellow flow of this track makes it addictive to listen to. Some might take

Ab Soul – Kitty Flip

Less well-crafted lyrics, are compensated by fast and rhythmic delivery which creates rhyme where there maybe none. The slow drawl of the lyric delivery is hypnotic interspersed with “kitty flip” a drugs cocktail reference well known amongst the rap community. This track is interesting in its difference and holds up a finger or two to

Anenon – Mouth

This electro piece provides you wonderment with an almost space age edge, tech ambient mid-section that will fill your soul with delirium. It infuses you as its floating airy choral vocals are guaranteed to send you into a world unknown. A world full of wonder and sinister mystery carried by major key changes which will

Monika – Secret in the Dark

There may be the worst recession in living memory going on in Greece but Monika Christodoulou continues to sell out shows in her native land and her music is platinum selling there. The talented Monika plays many instruments and performs acoustic sets live but here her metaphoric cap is firmly doffed to the past. If 70’s disco