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GLXY – Hooray

Wow. Get ready to appreciate rap music from a whole different perspective as Quebec’s GLXY comes through with his mesmerising and latest effort “Hooray”! Everything about GLXY is classy and refined – from his exquisite beat selection, to his witty lyrics and smooth flow, everything just feels so neat and refreshing, as the confident rapper

Mirlo The Writers Writer – Good Day To Die EP

Oh…Okay!! so is this how London gets down? I have a lot of time for this. “Good Day To Die EP” is the highly recommended hip-hop EP release from London poet by trade Mirlo – The Writers Writer, who has managed to conceive an EP that stands out from the UK’s typical hip-hop blueprint by

Floating Points – Peroration Six

Opens like fresh water droplets splashing onto your forehead, with its gentle tinkling percussion..it then transpires into something more sinister, urgent and menacing. On a loop this track is a ..mixture of jazz infused electronica building to a dark crescendo with a persistent symbol presence rising into a final crescendo lifting listeners to a new

Ensemble Economique – You, By Candlelight

Ensemble Economique is the project masterminded by Californian born Brian Pyle. Now on his eleventh album the work of Pyle is best described as ambient and You, By Candlelight is a perfect example of his craft. Pyle himself describes his work “as if day and night were colliding”. Hazy and laid back in vibe the