Tag: Hip-hop

okay(K) – Lucy wrap(s)

Listening to okay(k) debut EP “Lucy wrap(s)” somehow gives me the feeling that despite life being a rollercoaster, things are going to turn out alright… As cliched as it sounds, this EP transmits a grounded sense of acceptance for what is, and the uncertainty of what’s to come. “If you only knew” kicks off this

Turntsnaco – Peace of Mind II

Hip-hop don’t stop. “Peace of Mind II” is the dope concept album by the very humble but talented hip-hop artist Tunrtsnaco, hailing from Atlanta. First thing that need’s to be highlighted is the production in the album which is just out of this world – As soon as you press play, you’re hit with the

Franky August – Undercover

Chances are you’ve not been made acquainted yet with the incredible sounds of prolific young singer-songwriter and rapper Franky August… and if that’s the case, then let us fill you in on what you’re missing out! His most recent release titled “Undercover” features an experimental, trap beat teeming with soul and rhythm, which Franky rides

GLXY – Hooray

Wow. Get ready to appreciate rap music from a whole different perspective as Quebec’s GLXY comes through with his mesmerising and latest effort “Hooray”! Everything about GLXY is classy and refined – from his exquisite beat selection, to his witty lyrics and smooth flow, everything just feels so neat and refreshing, as the confident rapper

Pusha T – “Crutches, Crosses, Casket

Well Pusha T is never going to be accused of pulling his punches. Born Terrence Thornton this American hip hop artist is now top dollar having become President of Kanye West’s GOOD music label this year. Nominated for two Grammys in 2003 and 2013 and guesting or associated with artists as diverse as Linkin Park