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idntrmmbr. – blood since ’01.

You never really know what to expect when you hear the work of rising star, up and coming artist/producer supremo ‘idntrmmbr.’, as his latest drop “blood since ’01” proves once again that this guy’s future is bright and looking up! “blood since ’01” has so many good points, we don’t even know where to begin.

J!MMY – Window

Persistence is the key… I keep telling y’all but y’all don’t hear me though! This is perhaps my favourite J!MMY song out of his current online catalogue and it’s titled “Window”. “Window” is a smooth, romantic and thoughtful slow jam, meant to help those who find themselves struggling within a love relationship, but from a

Franky August – Undercover

Chances are you’ve not been made acquainted yet with the incredible sounds of prolific young singer-songwriter and rapper Franky August… and if that’s the case, then let us fill you in on what you’re missing out! His most recent release titled “Undercover” features an experimental, trap beat teeming with soul and rhythm, which Franky rides

Suave UK – Can’t Deal

You know that a song is really good when it speaks to your heart and you are able to relate to it, as singer-songwriter and rapper Suave UK is showing us with one of his most recent singles! “Can’t Deal” was released not so long ago, but we’re glad that it’s come onto our radar

KAIS – Seven Shades Of She (Album)

Start the week off in the best way possible by tuning in to smooth operator, silky serenader Kais and his fantastic effort “Seven Shades of She”, the free flowing, heartwarming album by the middle east born, Vancouver based singer songwriter! This incredible album is potentially one of the best pieces of the kind you’ll hear.

BillyEd – The Road We Call Life (album)

What better way to end the working week other than by grabbing a cold beer and easing into the sounds of Stockholm based boardwalk punk band BillyEd? Not bad eh? “The Road We Call Life” is the diverse, energetic, debut album by the Swedish group which exposes the many boring, less desirable aspects of life

Idealism – Hiraeth [EP]

As we say here in the UK, “The cream always rises to the top”. That is the case once again with producer extraordinaire – Idealism. Having just released a superb EP titled “Hiraeth” which essentially means “[…] a deep, wishful, nostalgic sense of longing for home; a yearning grief for people and things long gone”

Legnd Ricky – Ferrari

“Ferrari” is the one of the most recent drops from Brooklyn born, Atlanta based rapper producer and songwriter Legnd Ricky, who has been making music and grinding since the tender age of 13 years old. The skilled artisan who makes fresh hip-hop/trap bangers didn’t let us down with “Ferrari” with its sharp lyrics “[…]Times two

GLXY – Hooray

Wow. Get ready to appreciate rap music from a whole different perspective as Quebec’s GLXY comes through with his mesmerising and latest effort “Hooray”! Everything about GLXY is classy and refined – from his exquisite beat selection, to his witty lyrics and smooth flow, everything just feels so neat and refreshing, as the confident rapper

Mirlo The Writers Writer – Good Day To Die EP

Oh…Okay!! so is this how London gets down? I have a lot of time for this. “Good Day To Die EP” is the highly recommended hip-hop EP release from London poet by trade Mirlo – The Writers Writer, who has managed to conceive an EP that stands out from the UK’s typical hip-hop blueprint by