Sydney Franklin – L.O.V.E. Me

Introducing 20 year old singer songwriter from Bethesda, Maryland – Sydney Franklin.

L.O.V.E. Me speaks of a woman’s self empowerment and self worth, delivered beautifully by the Berklee College of Music graduate. The tempo of the song is gorgeous and you’d be forgiven to think this is actually an Adele’s song. The similarities between the voices of both singers are tangible and definitely comparable to one another, without taking the credit away from Sydney though, she holds her own – A smooth piano arrangement compliments her silky, imposing voice, which shapes and dictates the pace of this incredible piece.

With influences such as Aretha Franklin, Tori Kelly and Whitney Houston, the singer is definitely on the right track to success and we believe that if she puts in the effort and commitment, she will no doubt surpass her own expectations and could hold a place amongst the biggest names in the industry! We’ll look forward to hearing more, you can check some of her fantastic material on Soundcloud.

It is a pleasure to find such a gem, specially in today’s scene where so much of the music we hear can sound meaningless and superficial to most. We’ll look forward to hearing more from this amazingly talented young lady. Stay tuned.

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