Ray Chris – Lil’ Cream

Wavey vibes never stop coming from indie rapper Ray Chris. This time he’s bringing that low key fire in the form of a super dope release titled ‘Lil’ Cream’!

First thing you might notice when you listen to it for the first time is probably how amazing the beat is – Produced by ‘adothegod,’ Lil’ Cream’s instrumental alone is enough to make you stop everything you’re doing, sit still for a minute and pay attention!

Not to take anything away from the talented Ray Chris, whose voice and flow sounds crispy clean throughout, while his verses complement this beat perfectly, just like butter to a knife.

I think it’s also worth pointing out that the rapper’s catalogue is fast becoming the real deal, as Ray is making it increasingly harder to pick a favourite out of all of his releases… But if I had to pick one, my choice would probably have to be between Lil’ Cream and Fiction (prod. by kojo a.) – With Fiction probably edging out Lil’ Cream (at least for me!)

Great vibes all round though – These are going straight to my soundcloud playlist.

You can’t really go wrong with rhymes like “Life is crazy lately due to the pursuit of a Mercedes, I think that I’m too lazy, even though I just can’t stop my vacation […]”

And oh yeah… the lazy flow is actually what makes the track sound super stylish and fly…

… What do you guys think!?


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