Morgan Geist – Darkstar

Morgan Geist, songwriter, mixer, DJ, producer and all round house music creative goes by the stage name Storm Queen. Hailing from the US Geist has had more success in Europe with his track Look Right Through topping the charts in the UK in 2013. He’s now back with his new album Megaprojects One  and this track

Sleepy Eyes – Mangoes

Track 6 from the relatively recent album Circadia, this track captures the soul of the album. Like an unhinged Morcheeba, you’ll feel almost comforted, but at once forsaken. You feel the music will settle you but it doesn’t. This isn’t comforting. However, if it were released in the 60’s this would be music to listen

Bibi Bourelly – Ego

New track from the LA based, German born, Moroccan/Haitian singer songwriter makes it easy to see why she is attracting such a strong following online and been backed by Radio One in the UK. Her lyrics are raw and honest and not for your grandmother. When she sings “They want me to be this picture-perfect