One World Government – Souls For Robots

This is maybe not the typical video you would find on Dope Approach, but this piece carries such a strong message behind it we just had to show it to y’all one time! It’s titled “Souls For Robots” and it’s by a Phoenix alternative rock band called One World government, formed by the talented duo Paul Barret, the lead singer/bassist, and James Linton, lead guitarist/engineer.

The song itself has an alternative rock tone to it, switching between different rock styles, as its arrangement changes from intro to verse, to bridge to chorus and back. “Souls For Robots” challenges us to look at ourselves and how we are living, with lyrics such as “[…] mirrors and disguises blind us and they tell us half the way / higher paths are hidden from you, a deception into pain…”

What we were also really impressed with, is the video itself which depicts two stories running simultaneously: A female in her late 20’s/early 30’s, who’s lost her father. She gets asked out on a date and spirals out of control because of her insecurities and lack of understanding. Then there’s the business man who loses his wife to death and is contemplating suicide by jumping off a building. The main part unashamedly depicts what people will soon be like at such events, recording everything on their phone, completely oblivious to the real struggle.

It’s really well directed, as it all ties in nicely and it’s probably best understood if fully watched. Not bad at all from the One World Government boys, “Souls For Robots” is a meaningful, very distinct and inspiring delivery from the far-sighted band, whose consistently-great work promises success and prosperity for the group. Keep it up guys!


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