Nas – ‘Nasir’ review

“I feel like I’m 18 year old again when I make beats for Nas,” Kanye West tweeted back in April, melting the internet in the process. Fans have been waiting six years for a new Nas album after 2012’s Life Is Good; his ‘Nas Album Done’ song with DJ Khaled in 2016 raised hopes one would soon appear, yet nothing materialised; ‘done’ here seemingly meant ‘shelved’.

Fast forward two years and now Nas finds himself in the middle of Kanye’s breathless media hype-storm as West releases 5 albums over 5 weeks via his G.O.O.D label. Kanye dropped his own album ye to mixed reviews; his joint Kids See Ghosts project with Kid Cudi fared better, as did his production on Pusha T’s ‘Daytona’. Teyana Taylor’s album drops next week and yesterday (June 15), Nas’ eleventh studio album, Nasir, premiered in his hometown of Queens in a listening party next to Queensboro Bridge.

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