Matt Hurray – Unnecessary Comment

Right about now, there’s probably a lot of people who are missing out on the brilliance of Matt Hurray’s “Unnecessary Comment” – the instrumental album which draws upon the finest surf rock sounds and is long enough for you to play without skipping it pretty much anywhere – from your car to your house, office or even walking down the street while listening to it on your headphones, just chilling…

The whole album is special. It’s pretty much a mysterious and uplifting journey that perhaps should be called the “Matt Hurray’s Experience” instead … Now there’s a gig I’d pay for!

It seems that the surf rock revival is real, as I’ve heard one or two stand out albums in the last couple of months, but “Unnecessary Comment” is without a doubt the most polished and articulate out of them all.

The first thought that springs to mind is ‘electrifying’. Each song blends with the next, like an ocean wave dissolving into the next wave, it’s like a continuous loop of cool surf rock music. I can even see other genre lovers getting into this as well, people who are not usually into this kind of music will also appreciate the quality, energy and the instrumental narrative of it.

The full album is 18 tracks long, it is fast-paced, sharp and melodically mind blowing as the listner is able to go through the full spectrum of emotions while listening to it and it keeps you in a sort of trance most of the time. It’s really great to dissolve any negative energies or moods as there’s something so elusive about it which can’t quite be pinpointed but is physically energising… I kid you not…  It’s like I just downed a whole can of red-bull in one go and now I’m ready to fly… strange much!? Try it for yourself and see what I mean.

A great find which we definitely recommend as there’s never a dull moment in it, it rips as soon as you press play and it doesn’t stop until it’s finished. Must be insane to watch live too and If I tell the truth – I rolled up little joint to it, as it would be too rude not to. Not saying you should do the same, but these are some serious surf vibes that must be honoured. Grab your friends, a boombox, go the beach at sunset, light a fire and enjoy each other’s company while listening to “Unnecessary Comment” – you can’t go wrong with that!


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