idealism – Nobody Else EP

So it’s that time of the year again when one of our favourite producers gets in touch with the team here at Dope Approach, to give us a heads up and let us know that we’re about to hear something special – So there’s only one person we could be talking about… and that is of course, the one and only ‘Idealism.’

His latest drop is the EP entitled ‘Nobody Else’ and it could be perhaps one of his smoothest releases to date:

If you read this music blog regularly, then you would’ve come accross by a few articles on the talented beat maestro already. Known for being able to communicate eloquently through them piano keys, punctuating songs with thick kicks and phat snares, while staying true to that dopeness which he delivers so well.

We feel this The ‘Nobody Else EP’ is super relevant right now – With so much noisy crap out there in terms of music, it’s important to have in your music collection something to counter balance that, and this EP does just that – Even though the producer has confessed to have made it while his mind was in a state of confusion:

“I am still looking for my own style, my own genre, and this EP kind of reflects my mixed feelings. Wanting to make music that uses lofi elements, but still wanting to be categorized as something other than just “lofi hiphop”

From beginning to end, you’ll get nothing but pure bliss – A soundscape that lets check in with yourself… it let’s you check in with your emotions and your life expectations… as quitly guides you to a place of understanding.

‘Nobody Else’ by idealism is where you’ll easily find your center… and if music was philosophy than Idealism would probably be Plato – the master thinker.

… With that said, the team here at Dope Approach would like to congratulate the Producer on another beautiful masterpiece! Give it a listen below:

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