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Nov. 13th Freestyle single is announcing Young Jeezy’s forthcoming album.  The track was named after the release date of the album. Young Jeezy is carefully building the hype before the album’s release.  “Church in the streets” will be his eighth album. The Nov. 13th Freestyle reminds us of the early days of hip-hop, and Jeezy is even mentioning legendary 2Pac. He is assuming a role of street preacher, and is delivering some street wisdom to his fans.

Young Jeezy says “I wrote Seen It All cause I seen it all”. This lyric alone contains street wisdom which is characteristic for the early hip hop pioneers. He is showing of his skills and shows us that freestyle is one of his strong suites.  Nov. 13th Freestyle is another great hit from US based rapper which is only making us anxious to hear what he has in store for his new album.

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