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I’m really feeling this guy’s attitude and sound. Even though I’ve just been introduced to his work, from what I’ve seen and read, he deserves nothing but admiration and respect… He goes by the moniker of “Way” and his latest release titled “Could” should be declared an anthem for the dreamers!

It is quite easy to appreciate what he does – His sound is so polished that it reflects light. The production and engineering is crisp clear, the instrumental is dope and it features a sample of a lady’s voice saying “Thought I would be” while Way’s lyrical prowess, flow and execution is that of a pro.

Journey wise, his story so far hasn’t been the easiest: “Well my journey is a rough one. I have struggled a lot financially, socially, spiritually, and emotionally over the last ten years. I am very transparent in my music, and I talk about everything that I’ve been through in my songs”

Well, sometimes in life you have to go through hard times in order to become stronger and wiser, so that your wisdom can then be put to good use for the greater good. As they say… pressure creates diamonds, and this is what I respect the most about Way, he has integrity, a strong spirit and an abundance of talent. Topped up by the fact that I barely heard him swear (at all) in this track apart from a little at the end (even that was censored), which might not seem a big deal but as opposed to modern day rappers who swear on every two lines they spit, it is a skill all in itself. There’s no profanity here, Way is a real role model which even children can look up to in confidence.

“My song “Could” is about being the best me that I could be. I am saying that If I could then I would do all these amazing things, when I really know that I will eventually do those amazing things, as long as I stay persistent, never give up, and be the best version of myself” the rapper/producer says.

I mean… the kid was raised right. Humble, respectful and super creative, attributes which are reflected in his music as “Could” has impresses listeners big time. He has his own unique sound and Way’s catalogue is not that bad either, in fact it’s really good… check his other single “Ego” and the rest of his work on Soundcloud for more fire from this visionary dope Mc!


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