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Valley 109 is the self titled EP from the Brisbane band which is still relatively new, composed of group members Randy Bourbon (Vocals), Boxcar Knight (Lead Guitar), Dusty Rhodes (Bass) and Phil Beats (Drums) – A talented and dynamic quartet which have has been busy pushing their craft since 2014 when they were formed.

Boasting an aggressive and rich sound, they’ve been steadily playing a progressive stream of shows in Brisbane, Australia and so this year they’ve already headlined some shows at The Zoo, The Black Bear Lodge and the New Globe Theatre. An impressive feat, bearing in mind that they’ve been together for little less than 2 years.  If truth be told though – they deserve more!

The EP itself is incredible… It’s difficult to choose which song I like best as their release is infectiously furious from the get go! You can tell that they’ve had tons of influences which shaped their overall sound, and for me personally, this EP sounds like a perfect combination of punk rock, classic, a little indie and stadium rock.

It’s pretty much go big or go home with these guys. The soundscape is clean and rugged at the same time. It has that ‘oomph’ feel to it with its thumping drums and smashing guitars but the overall quality of the sound is so polished that there isn’t one bit of it out of place. It all fits perfectly into the Valley 109 puzzle and It’s obvious that it is all done with passion and attention to detail.

A meticulous short play, this EP is probably one of the best – if not – the best rock music group we’ve had the pleasure to review so far this year! It’s all there, everything from listening experience to execution and delivery – it all sounds on point.

It’ll be curious to see what 2017 has in store for the unique Brisbane band… I believe that we will see them slowly but surely climbing the ranks of rock royalty and next year looks set to be a big one for these guys. I expect lots of local and nationwide shows, interviews, and possibly another album? Who knows… what I do know is that they’ve got a new fan in me and hopefully will gain thousands more. As I was playing the EP, I had flashbacks of growing up listening to this kind of music and going skateboarding all day, while getting wasted on alcohol and high on weed! Not something that I advocate now, but there you go… I guess it brought back the teenager in me back to life!

Enjoy it guys. Don’t forget to cop their EP – it’s available on – For only $5.00!! Talk about a bargain…

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