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Hip-hop don’t stop.

“Peace of Mind II” is the dope concept album by the very humble but talented hip-hop artist Tunrtsnaco, hailing from Atlanta.

First thing that need’s to be highlighted is the production in the album which is just out of this world – As soon as you press play, you’re hit with the wavey “Intro”, an opening track which is very remiscent of some of The Neptunes’ earlier work. The album quickly switches up with “Soar With Me” – an emotionally charged, vocally haunting, ethereal hip-hop track dedicated to a better a half, which also boasts an ingenious production.

You’d be forgiven to think that by now, you kind of think you know the direction the album is going but by the time you get to the third track, “After The Rain”, that’s when you really get to appreciate Turntsnaco’s lyrical skill and raw talent. The beat is so ridiculous it made me wanna smash my pc! It’s a straight classic… with vibes so slick, it’s almost as if he’s paying homage to old school south pioneers such as Outkast and Goodie Mob’s during the great 90’s era. It’s pure dopeness.

“Diamond Emoji” keeps the album moving, giving continuity to its previous track again with a dope production which starts off with a dark, lo-fi, crunk type of instrumental, and it then switches up to a more uptempo beat, as the rapper-producer boldly displays his creative talents.

The album’s fourth track, “February Afternoon” is delivered with smoothness and style as Turntsnaco confesses to losing grip on a love relationship he thought was reciprocal, followed by the album’s standout gem “Connect On”, which is “Kanye West good”. A soulful, mysterious and far reaching track. It is the real reason why I believe Turntsnaco has been misusing his talents. You can’t have a track as unbelievable as “Connect On”, which is the true epitome of uniqueness… but then have in the same album, a track such as “Soar With Me” where the vocal delivery is somewhat underwhelming, even if the production is still great… It gives the listener a mixed message.

Like… what kind of genius can come up with such a crafty, catchy, refined, high standard track such as “Connect On” but then also come up with something so below that as “Soar With Me”? I think this artist needs to choose whether he wants to be great or mediocre, because the scale he’s using can tip to either side. He needs to focus. The talent is definitely there.

Following the brief moment of elation, it’s back to business with “Mirrors” as the album goes back to the rap vibes but it somehow feels like Turntsnaco is selling himself short now, after really hearing what he can actually do.

The rest of the album flows well and is interesting enough, but my conclusion after listening to it is that Turntsnaco may have shot himself in the foot. I’m sorry, but I have to be blunt and say it.

The production on this album is unbelievable, the concept is also solid, lyrically it is very meaningful too, but what I think it’s wrong with it is… even though Turntsnaco is a really good rapper, there are many rappers out there with more confidence and control when it comes to the “delivery”… I still see the intention is there, but the delivery is not where it really needs to be to take off. My opionion is that the album should’ve been more like “Connect On” rather then heavily influenced by rap and I mean it from the heart, with the greatest of intentions.

I understand that for someone who loves to rap, it’s an incredibly difficult thing to ask. Because it’s what they love. They love rap music. They love writing and showcasing their bars, which is fine… but this alone won’t set you apart from the pack. All I’m trying to say is, with “Connect On” Turntsnaco was able to reveal a vulnerability, a human touch, an awareness, a sublime delivery, a heart and a soul, “a moment of brilliance” which I believe is the real “him” underneath the rapping persona/charachter, and that is his true gift. That is where his fortune lies, or would be found in music.

Nonetheless… there is still plenty of time to improve as this is only the artist’s debut album, and it is definitely a great listen, with interesting concepts, sharp lyrics, mind blowing productions and plenty of energy to keep you engaged and excited, whether you’re hip-hop fan or not. There’s serious potential here too. I believe Turntsnaco could really go places if he can commit to explore his sound further!


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