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We’ve got two words to describe the work of this ingenious; New Jersey, up and coming artist – “Pure dopeness”.

“Stussy and The Stars” is an imaginative release, full of energy and creativity, well put together by the far-sighted lyricist. Turnt_God comes across as the inventive and innovative type – someone who knows himself and what he wants!

An inspiring instrumental by Deemax sets the mood for this hit release, which is already boasting over 36k plays on soundcloud in less than 5 days, supported by the rapper’s energetic and charismatic flow – it’s no wonder that the end result is nothing short of brilliant!

Ideal for a chilled cruise down the strip, this is the type of track that if played unsuspectingly for a group of friends – they will no doubt try to find out who it is! They might even throw in a few good guesses as this record sounds like the work of someone who is already mainstream established and living it up! (quite frankly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that…)

The rapper’s street fashion and awareness is also evident with references to Skateboard and Hip-Hop  clothing brands like “Stussy” and “G-Star”, but what’s also more interesting, is that the rapper’s output and delivery is somewhat reminiscent of Blatant Misrep’s favourite – Nipsey Hussle… If these two ever collaborated… MY GOD!! They would possibly bring about some of the most visionary rap shit ever assembled!

The honest truth though, is that Turnt_God stands on his own lane and is doing a pretty good job at being original and super creative!

Turnt’s journey so far has been full of rich experiences which are actually reflected in his music – culturally, creatively and spiritually rich, the rapper has a long-standing love for long boarding ‘under the influence’ and anime culture, highlighting where his imagination and vision stems from – free thinking and expression – the two key features that characterize any successful person!

One has to be able to think freely without any restrictions or taboos, and also be able to express himself limitlessly by his own will and admission in order to fulfil one’s potential – something which Turnt has clearly experimented with and continues to do, in order to push and smash through the boundaries imposed by a limiting society…

We most definitely like what we hear, it can’t be long before this gifted artist breaks-through and takes over the whole industry or creates a whole new movement with his devoted followers. We’re behind you though! All praise the Turnt_God!!



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