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Supernatural Being – Anbuley

If you’re looking for an awesome feel-good track that is a feast of Afro-Fusion, “Supernatural Being” by the inspiring newcomer Anbuley is a must listen-to. Bringing a blend of both futuristic and classic Ghanaian rhythms set to a sultry and hypnotic beat, you will feel yourself transported on a musical journey that invigorates your mood and senses. You can’t go wrong when a portion of the proceeds from this release go to the worthwhile Christs Child Care Organisation, making a real difference to children in local Ghanaian communities. Without a shadow of a doubt this is a moving track that mesmerises and energises whilst bringing something new and exciting. It successfully represents all that Anbuley is about, in terms of where she has come from and where we are sure she’s going to. Harking back to ancestral Ghanaian heritage when music represented her roots whilst growing up in Vienna, Supernatural Being demonstrates the heart of Afro-Fusion in an entrancing blend that would be at home on the dance floor, on the beach, or in your lounge.


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