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“Wait a minute… what is this? Did he really just say that?”  – It’s probably what you’ll be asking yourself after you listen to the extremely talented rapper/songwriter Summer47 and his second mixtape entitled “Evaluating Depression” – A fantastically pleasant surprise, perhaps one of the biggest so far this year!

Hailing from Dallas, TX, the young spitter has been steadily perfecting his craft, having previously released another mixtape but under the different moniker “Sonny DaVinci, and we must say that as the first time listening to it, Summer47 looks really good as an artist.

The imagination and creativity levels in “Evaluating Depression” are just absurd! … And yes, there are plenty of other talented rappers out there but it’s been a minute since we came across this much raw potential, as Summer47’s executes a style that’s pretty unique and stands out from all other contemporary rap artists, with his honest and sometimes even sadistic clever lyrics.

Peaking at 20 tracks, it can be difficult to choose a favourite as the rapper produces banger after banger constantly throughout. I mean literally, from start to finish! The concept mixtape which touches upon various subjects including anger, depression, love, infidelities and teen pregnancies, ticks all the right boxes – Creative themes, neck snapping beats and outstanding lyricism and flow.

“Evaluating Depression” starts with a mock psychotherapy session and the album revolves around this concept. An individual on the loose, looking to seek revenge on all that crossed him while being “evaluated for depression” at the same time. Opening tracks such as “Another Dad Don’t Approve” and “OMG I Killed Alyssa” are very reminiscent of an earlier Eminem around the time of “The Slim Shady LP”. Needless to say, it took me at least 30mins before I could move on to the following tracks as i kept replaying them…

“On My Way” also stands out big time, and emotional tracks like the brilliant “Invisible” and the resentful “Coward Ass” are the real reason why Summer47 will go the distance, as the rapper finesses articulate and thoughtful lyrics, highlighting his versatility and talent scope. He is rather special like that.

“Big City” is one of my favourites with its slick city vibes, while “Winters Coming” is a stark warning to all those who underestimate the TX rapper’s ability to overcome adversity in relationships and otherwise. “Outro Before Outro” is a straight classic, “A Mind For Conversation” goes hard in the paint while “Break Me” , “Hard To Smile” and closing track “Screwlove”, which enlists the help of rapper’s brother Arthur Iggo, go even harder!

Overall, everything about he mixtape is on point. The sharp production, witty flows, creative concepts and stone cold execution of Summer47’s “Evaluating Depression” will blow your mind away! Seriously, it’s been a while since talent like this came around and if the far-sighted rapper can keep hungry and focused, we believe he will either eventually grind a smashing record deal, or will blow up independently. The key thing here is to keep pushing without ever looking back. Dropping some more visuals would probably go really well with most of the tracks on the album, “OMG I Killed Alyssa” already has pretty sick video but tracks like “Coward Ass” and “Outro Before Outro” amongst others, are also begging for a dope music video, which might actually help catapult the rapper to the next level.

We give Summer47’s “Evaluating Depression” a mighty 8.5 out of 10.


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