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In a time when hip-hop is becoming less and less creative and more repetitive, with many corny rappers leading the frontline while choosing to focus on material accomplishments, artists like Summer47 are a breath of clean, fresh air.

The Dallas, TX mc/songwriter has just released a new single titled “Dumping anger”, from his new upcoming project which is still untitled but is five tracks deep so far. The song relates to a rocky relationship between Summer47 and his on-off girlfriend who apparently keeps “dumping anger” on him, with claims of unreasonable behaviour and infidelity.

Spitting lyrics such as “ She say… ***** you the root of this / you got two lovers, You f**** me and another / Don’t be acting like your ass not in two covers / I’m about to pop your ass just like a loose bubble”,

The production in “Dumping Anger” is quite neat, laced with mellow vibes as Summer47 executes an emotional delivery with plenty of expression and a pain which is heartfelt and heavy relatable for anyone in a relationship.

“Dumping anger” might just be your new favourite relationship-revenge song and if you’re feeling this one then you’ll absolutely love “OMG I Killed Alyssa” off his previous mixtape “Evaluating Depression” which is not to be slept on! You can stay up to date with all of Summer47’s latest releases by following him on Spotify and Soundcloud, and don’t forget to give “Dumping Anger” a listen below. Salute!


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