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Relax and unwind to some great neo-soul trap by Venice based singer-songwriter and producer supremo Stefan, and his most recent drop “Higher.”

A mesmerising and visionary production consisting of 808 drums and soul enriching melodies, which will comfort your eardrums as you kickback and forget your woes. Perfect for that late night cruise on your car with your partners in crime or perhaps if you’re chilling with your better half and things are about to go down!

Quite easily a track you’d hear on any prime-time radio station, or club – with Stefan aiming this one at the ladies, and although I’m not trying to stereotype anyone – I know strippers would love this one too…

The lyrics are XXX-rated though, as the smooth operator sings “F*cking in the master but it feels like a suite / Nothing in the world could ever please me / Take another breath and pop another B / She’s screaming f*ck me until I can’t feel a thing” – So really, you better not be expecting anything sweet.

Delivery wise, “Higher” is on point with Stefan’s silky vocal skills shining throughout, as the multi-talented artist flows with ease and finesse, supported by a simple but clean arrangement, where the attention to detail is not only exquisite, but also top-notch!

If you are unfamiliar with him, then there’s plenty more to hear from this stand-out artist with many more powerful tracks available for free streaming on Stefan’s Soundcloud.

“I just moved to Venice – been super inspired since I got here. Gonna keep turning out as much content as i can…” – the artist explains.

Watch out for other bangers such as “The Mood”, “Driveway”, “All In” and my favourite – “After You.”

Peep it below guys!


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