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“This guy has got flows for days” – that’s the first thing that came to mind after listening Selca and his latest release “FAI(LURE)”

Not just another MC trying to make a name for himself out there, Selca lets things fly on this one – spitting about that struggle and hard work, no bubble gum bullshit, no commercial lies, no propaganda – just straight facts.

All the way from the Big Apple, the rapper known for having intricate story telling abilities, well timed flows and direct bars, delivers an emotionally brilliant masterpiece, where the MC opens up about personal battles which resulted in failure but from which he was able to learn and grow from, as he spits the heartfelt chorus:

“This is the rise of the greatest / the sky looking vacant / Watch him fly in amazement to finalise in the matrix, I’m waiting patiently for when they finalise my placement… you’ll find no lies in this painting”

A remix to “44 Bars” originally released by Logic, Selma has made this re-work justice by adding his own style, vision and creativity to come up with an eequally good, if not better, version of the original. Reaffirming the importance of having the right mindset when facing adversity, Selca’s “FAI(LURE)” is a reminder that ‘when you are going through hell, you just got to keep going’ …

Raising the bar high (no pun intended), the MC is setting himself up for a fruitful career if the same desire, hunger and focus shown in this track is kept… If you want my educated guess is, it won’t be long now until you see him tearing up shows and getting some airplay in a city near you!

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