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One of the perks of being a music writer is that we get to listen to all the dope stuff that others might yet not be aware of such as Ray Chris and his hit single “Wifey” ft Danny Indigo. So in technical terms, we introduce you to that exclusive ish that you need in your life!

I mean really, let’s not kid ourselves or play around. “Wifey” is classic material. The beat is masterful and played with real instruments, while Ray Chris delivers that quick, lava-hot spit, like a young Twista or a Jay-Z in his prime with a little hint of Kendrick Lamar, with his raspy but smooth voice, the whole style is on point.

As I was listening to this song with my girlfriend, she pointed out, “See, he’s making music for his girlfriend” but upon listening to the lyrics “[…] No wonder I ain’t got a girlfriend, ‘cuz this my wife” that’s when it hit her… and I had to laugh. Women, eh?

The release speaks about his passion for music which he calls “Wifey” and his loyal commitment to it: “I’m on a path to do what I love right now. I work a regular job, but make many sacrifices for this music. I really want to make music that can inspire, and help others who have been through what I’ve been through with addiction” said the skilful artist, while adding “This song is basically where I was at at the time, and the surrealism of hearing that beat, working with Kojo, and writing that song. I didn’t know what to write until I though of music as my love.”

Featuring the blessed vocals of Danny Indigo, “Wifey” is a song to ride out to. Something to play in the whip while driving down Sunset Boulevard when the sun is setting, or perhaps when you’re chilling and about to hit that blunt… whatever the occasion “Wifey” is a great soundtrack for it!

Furthermore, if you think Ray Chris was a one trick pony, you better think again… Any artist that is able to showcase tracks such as “Wifey” is on some next level stuff. With certified hits like “Fiction” and “lil’ Cream”, the rapper is doing everything the right way. Just give it  some time and watch him come up… meanwhile, you enjoy his work below!


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