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If like us, you’ve been looking for a new kick ass rock band to listen to, a band that stands out, is still underground and hits you with the freshest guitar licks, track after track, then look no further… you have found it. That’s right y’all… Peter Piper is here and they’re here to slay!

Don’t believe me? Ok. Perhaps you might think that I’m exaggerating, which is cool. No doubt, but I have two words for you then – “Temporary Surface”… Still not convinced? Well, let me break it down to you then – This super group is the real deal.

Composed of 5 members: Giack Bazz is the bold and captivating frontman and occasional guitar player, then you have two phenomenal solo and second guitarists Francesco Battilani and (Marco) John Lupo. Francesco, who mostly plays a Fender Stratocaster and comes from a classic and grunge background, is left handed (lucky left, eh?) while John whose background is slightly more funky, usually plays a Fender Mustang but also used a Stratocaster. Then you have the rhythm bending bassist Federico Salvarani who’s also involved in progressive side project “Atertrip” which according to John Lupo could be considered “one of this worlds most talented musicians as he could play any genre and still get away with it” and last but not least one hell of a drummer in Federico Bedostri, who released two albums with his former band “Unreal City”… If this is not a supergroup, I don’t know what is?

Now, let’s talk about the music. “Temporary Surface” is an example of what the perfect EP should sound like. It follows the blueprint of the band – in the sense that all the different backgrounds and influences come together to form a world class rock sound which deserves all the praise and recognition it can get. It’s 5 tracks in length, no one track sounds the same and the creativity levels are through the roof! There’s an indie side to it and there’s a progressive side to it. There’s a hard rock side to it and there’s a grunge side to it… It all fits together and it works.

It’s most definitely a spectacular introduction to the world, all 5 singles are amazing. “Life in Four Inches” is moody and angry (in a good way), “Glasgow Smile” is electrifying, “Take What You Need” is riotous, “Retrocasuality” is sentimental and “Fifth Dimensional Chamber” the thought-provoking anthem as “Temporary Surface” takes the listener on a short journey into the depths of many different mental states, but it is also quite entertaining at the same time.

An all round strong and imposing release by the Italian outfit. Bravo! You can check it out here



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