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Listening to okay(k) debut EP “Lucy wrap(s)” somehow gives me the feeling that despite life being a rollercoaster, things are going to turn out alright… As cliched as it sounds, this EP transmits a grounded sense of acceptance for what is, and the uncertainty of what’s to come.

“If you only knew” kicks off this great piece in spectacular fashion to the sound of an introspective guitar, backed up by ethereal sounds, and 808 drums as the lyricist looks back at a relationship in retrospect, analysing it and evaluating what could be done to improve and realise it.

“Remember the days” follows the brilliant opener, keeping in line with style of the previous, but twice as meaningful. As I listened to it, I kept trying to figure out what or who it reminds me of but couldn’t come up with it… okay(k)’s sound is his own, and to be fair, it doesn’t resemble many things you might have heard before. Carefully executed flows highlight a different delivery style to “if you only knew,” as the rapper switches into vocalist mode and serenades the listener with beautiful intricate lyrics such as “I love the way you love the way I love to dance and it’s ok”

The album seemingly progresses to third track “Cookin’ eggs” which is more like a skit, where okay(k) seems to be freestyling off the dome, acapella style, before switching back to  his thoughtful ways on fourth track “Heaven scent(s).”

By now, your guards will have already been lowered, as you grow accustomed to “Lucy wrap(s)” more and more, with its chilled, r’n’b and indie rock influenced hip-hop… before you are hit with the EP’s biggest cut, at least for me, “Listen to the kids” which enlists the talents of Raneraps, Lindsay, indie & Offtrack to produce a radio ready piece, which could very well be played amongst your favourite established artists and it wouldn’t feel out of place.

Did I say “listen to the kids” was my favourite? Ok, scrap that then. “Inyn” which stands for “I need you know” is actually my favourite. Its ingenious production and warm lyrics are exactly what the soul doctor ordered. You can feel the artist’s passionate delivery with every word, every snare and every key in this song, although, truth be told, the vocals still have a bit of room for improvement, but when it comes to hip-hop, the idea is what really counts!

Bonus track “Why” closes okay(k)’s EP, “Lucy wrap(s)” – which I must say is not bad at all. If anything, it shows that the artist is on the right track and is already doing amazing stuff. Having gone from freestyling, without writing anything down, when he first began his journey, to writing down a full concept EP, dedicated to love and life’s ironies, I’d say he has come a long way. It definitely gives you a glimpse of his talent and what he can do, without forgetting the high quality production support he’s received from Mr. Frander, Ginsengxx, and Meltycanon!

… Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to give it a listen below.

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