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Everyone step aside, there’s a a new Trap prince in town! He’s name is NLM Geno and he’s the latest up and coming trap lord hailing from the windy city a.k.a. chi-town, a.k.a. Chicago, home of the realest and trillest rappers on the scene!

“Get it Campaign” is a sure fire mixtape, full of raw energy, raw flows and electrifying delivery! It’s pretty much impossible not to feel some type of way when listening to the explosive mixtape.

You’ll either hate it, or you gonna love it. Not because there’s a lack of talent – but because this particular mixtape is intended for hustlers and go getters, and If you ain’t neither, you may struggle to appreciate the knowledge and jewels Geno Dollaz is dropping!

Everything from the conception, to execution and delivery was done with finesse – This ain’t just another trapper, this is “The Trapper”. The blueprint he’s following, is his own and the style is too unique to be compared to anything else out there at the moment!

We always take pride in introducing trailblazers like these to our readers as we continue to aim to be the number one suppliers of new talent to world, and so we carry on our tradition with another one – the super skilled “Geno Dollaz”.

The “Get It Campaign” mixtape was released earlier this year and it definitely ticks all the boxes. So if trap music is your thing, make sure you go ahead and give this tape a good listen on Soundcloud. Geno might just be your new favourite up and coming artist!

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