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Oh…Okay!! so is this how London gets down? I have a lot of time for this.

“Good Day To Die EP” is the highly recommended hip-hop EP release from London poet by trade Mirlo – The Writers Writer, who has managed to conceive an EP that stands out from the UK’s typical hip-hop blueprint by taking on a more sophisticated US sound while infusing it with the London twang and vocab, creating what I would describe as top-flight rap music.

What’s more impressive is that the whole thing was actually produced by Mirlo himself as the artist explains: “I am releasing my “GOOD DAY TO DIE” EP which can be streamed or purchased through the iTunes store. It’s a 5 track EP written and produced entirely by me, and it was made in Spain where i spent a year recording and producing it”

Now.. I know a thing or two about UK Hip-Hop and at the moment the only artists that come close to this kind of sound are Krept and Konan, who actually rap mostly about trivial, non-important things, so Mirlo’s advantage lies in his experience and talent, which are admirable as it’s evident in his hot flow and sharp productions that he’s on higher level compared to most of his peers.

A promising artist who has already gained underground notoriety after releasing his self produced project titled “Worth It” back in 2014 as Donne Darko, this time around the rapper-producer is back with a fine body of work which should help him establish himself as the next to blow!

“GOOD DAY TO DIE” is slick, fresh and visionary so there’s no way Mirlo will go unnoticed if his work ethic continues like this… This is his opportunity to make a difference and we’re sure he’s more than capable of ceasing the moment. Rise like the phoenix that you are Mirlo.. and stunt on them haters because they’re not ready!

Don’t forget to stream it/buy it here

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