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“Dreams” is the exciting upcoming album release from Swiss band Milow The Girl fronted by the visionary singer songwriter Sylvia G.

This unbelievably well conceived album, kind of has a futuristic pop feel to it… complemented by Sylvia’s deep and sometimes abstract lyrics and supported by a vast array of meaningful, carefully arranged instrumentals, it develops perfectly into what almost looks like the ‘ideal’ alternative pop album. Of course I have to say ‘almost looks like’ because the word ‘ideal’ itself is subjective and is down to each others opinion, but for those who are into this kind of sound, I have no doubts that this might actually be something they would be looking for.

It’s mature in the sense that it feels like music for forward thinking people and not just some wishy washy, shallow body of work. No, this album is the real deal. It is concise, the production is 5 stars, the concept is also fantastic and the delivery is simply gorgeous.

As we’ve been given the chance to exclusively preview it before its official release, we weren’t quite sure of what to expect – Milow displays the traits of someone who is a leader and not a follower, she doesn’t follow trends – she sets them. Something that might be deeply engrained in her DNA as she’s also had a peculiar upbringing, that most people won’t ever experience in a lifetime – she grew up surrounded by nature and exotic wildlife, her parents were ‘switched on’ in the sense that her mother was a model and her dad a businessman… So she was able to see and experience a lot from a young age – her circumstances moulded her perception, creativity and dreams.

If music wasn’t enough of a commitment already, the talented artist also spends much of her time supporting and bringing awareness to animal rights and environmental causes with not for profit institutions like Soi Dogs and the Humane Society of the United States… she doesn’t just talk the talk – she walk’s it too!

All in all, Milow deserves success as she’s been putting in the work over the years with a host of other  accomplished releases and another previously released full length album – “32,000 Feet Above”. For 2016 though, it looks like “Dreams” may be MTG’s most important work to date. – A complete album that will take the listener on a thrilling journey of discovery and self reflection, fueled by Sylvia’s artistic vision and composure, balanced by and an exquisite and refined sound.  A truly amazing piece for music lovers of all kind!

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