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Energetic powerful and empowering, this track energises and shocks all at once. An urgent cry for help voices everyone’s frustrations of the modern world and human nature from whence time began. Repetitive rhythmic and zen all at the same time, Little Simz is a powerhouse on this track but doesn’t overdo things preferring to let the track speak for itself. The male and female voices vy for attention without competing or dominating building to a crescendo and demonstrating the madness and hell of which they speak. Urban rhythm peppered with a final ethereal choral vocal which perfectly portrays the disjointed track illustrating the discord and disconnect between mind and body, reality and dream. A floating haunting layering of music, vocals, percussion and rapping which emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis, finally growing up to make sense of the reality of a chaotic and less than beautiful world. This track is a piece of poetry and a slice of psychology all rolled into one, reflecting confusion and chaos in rhythm and syncopated vocals. Genius!

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