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Start the week off in the best way possible by tuning in to smooth operator, silky serenader Kais and his fantastic effort “Seven Shades of She”, the free flowing, heartwarming album by the middle east born, Vancouver based singer songwriter!

This incredible album is potentially one of the best pieces of the kind you’ll hear. A cross genre combination which includes indie, soul, rhythm and blues, laced with beautiful, far reaching arrangements, clever instrumentation and energising vocals all the way through, as KAIS serenades  his experiences while romanticising for better or worse, his love chronicles.

Kicking off with the soulful “Sun’s Gonna Rise” and finishing off with “Ain’t Goin Nowhere” , KAIS delivers a style and originality which has an immediate effect on you! His thoughtful and impactful lyrics disarm you unexpectedly, as the singer’s voice quickly elevates you to a place of comfort and nostalgia.

Overall, a very impressive release from KAIS but what’s even more impressive about Seven Shades of She”, is the fact that it is boundless in every sense as the artist pretty much morphs into a combination of Montell Jordan, Adam Levine and Elton John to produce an exquisite and progressive indie/soul album which for all the good reasons, stays in your head all day!

Are you tempted yet? Just give it a listen at and let us know if you agree!

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