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Persistence is the key… I keep telling y’all but y’all don’t hear me though! This is perhaps my favourite J!MMY song out of his current online catalogue and it’s titled “Window”.

“Window” is a smooth, romantic and thoughtful slow jam, meant to help those who find themselves struggling within a love relationship, but from a man’s perspective. The production on this release is soulful, with a slight touch of silky, jazzy R’nB, carried and complemented by the New Jersey poet, whose cool delivery reminds me of the great Finley Quaye on this one,  for some reason!

The songwriting is simply gorgeous here, with both the verses and chorus outdoing each other. Just play it to your girl one time, and see how she changes once she hears that “I’m outside the window baby, Waiting for you my dear, Trust me girl I know, I’m gonna be right here…” – She’ll be ready to forgive anything!

Definitely deserves radio play and in all honesty, this is J!MMY’s lane. I dig the rapping stuff, but this feels much more natural… Either way, it’s good to see some versatility and natural ability for rapping, singing and songwriter displayed by the young Lothario. If he keeps it up, soon he’ll be exactly where he deserves to be.. at the top!


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