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The art of Flexin’ is one that many try to master but only a few succeed. It’s a stance that has to be backed up with intent and content, something that Bronx born, Jersey based, Jimmy Dinero could tell you about…

Jimmy who has had a somewhat unsettling journey, found comfort and direction in making music. Having been introduced to music and dance at a young age by his Dominican heritage, the rapper has been kept truthful to himself and his aspirations by never straying far from the goal, while keeping his dreams in sight, aiming for them unswervingly.

With his latest release “Flex”, Jimmy is addressing the haters, hitting them where it hurts the most… their confidence! The song speaks about “a young man who realises how hard he could flex, & how he could use his new flex-ing abilities to bag the baddest shorties, and to make all the hatin a** ni**as…. hate on him more then ever before”, the rapper explains.

Intriguing, in your face and melancholic, Jimmy Dinero is a threat on the mic with his passionate delivery, controlled flow and rugged voice as he spits the lyrics: “I ain’t never chased no pussy man I swear to God I let these bitches run away, All I know is counting chicks throw it in the bag and I ain’t talking chick fillet”

The overall sound of “Flex” is stylish, textured and indulgent as Jimmy makes another powerful move towards solidifying his presence in the industry. The finely-calibrated release is straight bonafide and it’s radio ready making the Jersey based rapper one of the artists to watch out this year… 2017 here we come. Let’s get it!


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