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You never really know what to expect when you hear the work of rising star, up and coming artist/producer supremo ‘idntrmmbr.’, as his latest drop “blood since ’01” proves once again that this guy’s future is bright and looking up!

“blood since ’01” has so many good points, we don’t even know where to begin. The production is simply exquisite, with every single note, sample, drum pattern, snare and hi-hat fine tuned down to a tee. The quality of the sound feels luxurious. It carries the listener to distant places in one’s own  imagination, switching between styles, hitting you like a ton of bricks when you least expect.

The selective use of the sub bass is magnificent, the beat switching from downtempo to uptempo will leave you dazzled but ready to groove and hit the dance floor asap. I mean… we could go on and on about how ridiculous this “blood since ’01” really is. Although we’re not sure, it’s not hard to detect what could be some obvious influences to idntrmmbr’s sound such as J. Dilla, Flying Lotus, Jacques Greene and even Madlib, but if these are not his influences then he still is an amalgamation of all four. The type of production you’d hear in an Anderson Paak. or even a SZA type of album… It’s just the stuff of genius!

Having been making music under the moniker idntrmmbr. for a little over a year now, the versatile, multi-genre producer has quickly gathered a following, after a though start to what now seems to be the beginning of a fulfilled career. In terms of his style and attitude ‘idntrmmbr.’ had the following to say:

“I like to stay in the shadows and be as lowkey as possible. In all of my songs I incorporate various unique switch-ups throughout in order to subvert listeners expectations. Most of my productions have a downtempo vibe and carry a very minimalistic approach. In my opinion, the less sounds the better.”

While adding: “My main goal is to be able to continue producing other artists while still maintaining my own persona..being an artist and producer simultaneously.”

Our overall thoughts on this up and coming producer and his latest release “blood since ’01” are very positive. We believe that his talent speaks for itself and although there are many talented producers out there, idntrmmbr. carries enough class and distinction to separate him from his competition big time. Is he gonna capitalise on it? It remains to be seen, but if we had to bet on it, we’d say he’s got this under control. Super dope stuff, give it a listen below!



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