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Producer extraordinaire “idealism” is back with another masterful downtempo song, off his upcoming album “Amaranthine”: The song which is titled “seeing you” – is available for streaming on Soundcloud and it really is a stoner’s dream!

Soft piano keys open up this chilled beat-hop piece, layered with atmospheric moods and slow cooked kicks that burst with authenticity and style, each time as they hit the one-two’s… topped with a luxury hi-hat so smooth, you won’t be able to do anything else other than to lower your guard down and really soak it all in! “seeing you” feels somewhat exquisite.

If this is your first time hearing the producer who spent most of his life between Finland and France, then there’s a few things you should know. His last EP titled “hiraeth” – is without a doubt a sensational piece of work! Boasting such attention to detail, it demands absolute respect for the craft. The producer’s music catalogue is indeed immaculate and his timing is always perfect…

“This track is simply created for relaxation purposes. After a hard day of work or studying, listening to this on your balcony while having a smoke, might perhaps be the best way to end the day” – idealism explained.

Well if that was indeed the purpose of this track, then I guess idealism’s purpose has already been achieved, because although I didn’t go to the balcony for a smoke, I did roll up one as I relaxed into the song.  No doubt, you’ll get unbelievable satisfaction from listening to idealism’s  “seeing you”, and the rest of his accomplished work available on the link below!


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