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We’ve been looking forward to this one ever since we’ve heard Idealism’s previous project – ‘Hiraeth’ EP, and of of course, it blew our minds away – as we expected nothing less from the imaginative sound sculptor!

Having released the much acclaimed ‘Hiraeth’ EP, an exquisite collection of lo-fi experimental beats dropped earlier this year, Idealism is at it again with this refined, ambient styled, ‘Amaranthine’ EP. A superior execution of different styles combined to perfection which includes “Seeing You” – a single release previously reviewed by our team.

One of the things we most like about Idealism’s latest offering, in fact, we could say this for most, if not all of his work – Is the emotional impact it has on the listener, allowing you to transcend to a place beyond time and space – as far into the dreamscape as possible. It is the ideal escapist sound, reserved only to those in the ‘know’.

The musical journey starts with ‘Voyage’ a reflective but stylish introduction to this EP, followed by the uplifting ‘Transported’ which boasts a more upbeat arrangement as the producer tries to steer away from the lower energy stigma which sometimes comes attached to the vague lo-fi/downtempo genre as the producer explains:

“A bit different than my old ‘usual’ stuff, decided to try some new stuff a bit. I don’t really want people to label my music as sad/depressive ahah. In any case, I hope you enjoy this, it’s hard to top ‘Hiraeth’ in my opinion, but oh well.” – We agree, it’s always going to be a hard task topping ‘Hiraeth’, but this one is definitely up there with it… Make no mistake about it!

What we also like about this EP, is the fact that the producer has kept the tracks slightly shorter making them easy on the ear, as you play them in the house or while you cruise around in your whip, as the sun gets ready to set…

… We could also spend hours breaking down each of these brilliant tracks individually, but we really rather you guys listen to it without our input, so you can make out what they actually mean to each of you on a personal level.

Every single track here is special, perhaps much like the producer himself, there’s a touch of genius in each and single kick, snare, note and sample. Nothing is more powerful than focused energy, so it’s really easy to tell that there was a lot of time and dedication spent composing each of these gems!

Show some much deserved love below guys, we promise you won’t regret it.


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