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“Silence Into Noise” by the bold and visionary singer/producer Harrison Scott is the brilliant buzz track that precedes his 2016 album “Skin Game”  accompanied by an exceptional performance music video that will make you want to call your friends and hit the dance floor to groove the night away… I could picture a glamorous and exclusive nightclub with subtle neon lights, beautiful people dancing and champagne/cocktails flowing all round as soon as I heard it!

Ultra modern visuals showcase Harrison’s sleek fashion awareness and hip demeanour while the song’s production and sound itself ultimately indicate why he’s no average act. Standing on his own lane, his distinctive style could be described as futuristic synth pop which seems to go superbly with Harrison’s vision of himself, while creativity wise, he’s on another level as the singer already boasts a super impressive catalogue of sharp releases and videos!

Although, I’ve only recently come across his work, I’t didn’t take me long before I turned into a die hard fan! A sublime musician which is slowly but surely making himself known and if you haven’t heard his 2016 masterpiece album “Skin Game” then I’m sorry to tell you, but you are missing out big time!

The most fascinating and interesting thing as well, is the fact that he’s achieved all of this off the back of his own hard work and initiative, something which is indeed admirable as most unsigned artists don’t seem to be able to produce half of the material, with the quality that he’s produced in such a short amount of time.

Harrison is on a mission and he wants you to know about it, and while “Silence Into Noise” can give you a glimpse into his brilliance, I believe that the full length album “Skin Game’ is an actual game changer as it’s been quite a while since I’ve stumbled upon a naturally entertaining artist of Harrison’s pedigree. It seems like he was born to do this! His image doesn’t look forced, nor does his music sound superficial – it all looks genuine, like it’s second nature to him, making his whole act even more hypnotizing and compelling!

Harrison is an up and coming star that you should be aware of before he blows up, even if it’s for bragging rights only! If house music and electro pop is your thing, then I’m absolutely sure that you’ll simply fall in love with the sounds of Harrison Scott as the artist also kindly shares his exciting work for free on soundcloud while his more exclusive material is available for purchase via online outlets. Make sure you guys follow him on all the social media platforms to stay up do date and don’t forget to visit his website @ for a greater insight into the mind of this alternative pop genius!


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