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Wow. Get ready to appreciate rap music from a whole different perspective as Quebec’s GLXY comes through with his mesmerising and latest effort “Hooray”!

Everything about GLXY is classy and refined – from his exquisite beat selection, to his witty lyrics and smooth flow, everything just feels so neat and refreshing, as the confident rapper displays the traits of someone that takes time to work on his craft diligently and patiently, while oozing finesse and charisma.

It’s clear that GLXY is in it for the love first, if not, how else could one do such beautiful music without being natural gifted and passionate? It simply couldn’t be done. Now if you add to that the military precision instilled in his mindset from his paratrooper life – then you have one very efficient and determined individual who moves with intent as if in auto-pilot or effortlessly, as overcoming challenges is nothing but second nature to him.

Having battled drugs and alcohol growing up, as well as music industry disappointment and setbacks,  GLXY has come a long way to establish himself as the up and coming artist to keep your eye on. Some say he sounds like Drake, others have compared him to Earl Sweatshirt, well… we would go as fas as saying that you need to add Q-Tip, Evidence, Eminem, J. Cole and Russ to those names, making GLXY a very legit and exciting prospect to follow and support.

“Hooray” is on a different level creativity and music wise as GLXY is just too nice with it. Much respect!




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