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Sono innamorato di questa canzone, mas come la vita e bella! To those who don’t understand Italian it says “I’m in love with this song, life is beautiful!” (Haha, the italian lessons  I took back in 2006 are paying off!)

“Buongiorno Amore Mio” which means “Good Morning My Love” is the summer 16 release from italian heartthrob Giack Bazz, who has been busy fronting several music projects including his solo album effort “Childhood Dream” (an incredible dedication to the singer’s late mother and more) – which we highly recommend and an EP with his alternative-grunge band “Peter Piper” scheduled for a release in early November and more… Busy, busy busy!

If you’ve not yet been acquainted with his sounds, then let us be the ones to tell you – You’re missing out! Exquisite songwriting skills combined with passionate deliveries and coherent music arrangements, make this 22 year old a genuine contender to achieve great success in the industry! Very reminiscent of artists like The White Stripes and Bob Dylan, it’s clear that this isn’t just any ordinary kid! I say kid (no disrespect) because I’m much older, but he comes across as more of an old soul. He speaks wisdom, his lyrics are wondrous, there’s hidden messages in his music, there’s an everlasting search unlike so many of the current young artists who only speak of trivial, unimportant things just to stay in the limelight.

Giack is different. Giack touches upon sensitive subjects that we avoid talking about because they’re awkward, he questions your sanity and direction, he shares his experience with us. Not only that, but he does it in an almost innocent way – making it easy for the listener to absorb his message without any resistance or skepticism. Honestly, he is that good.

To be fair, words don’t really do this creative visionary any justice, you’d be better off by appreciating and listening to it yourself. If you’re into indie-rock, alternative folk etc. then you will completely love his work. They say “Good things come to those who wait”, well we say “Good things come to those who work hard and never stray from their path!” If the momentum is kept, and the hard work continues then we have no doubt that Giack will soon find himself making BIG moves in the international stage. You must keep that “Childhood Dream” alive! We’re with you all the way.


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