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Chances are you’ve not been made acquainted yet with the incredible sounds of prolific young singer-songwriter and rapper Franky August… and if that’s the case, then let us fill you in on what you’re missing out!

His most recent release titled “Undercover” features an experimental, trap beat teeming with soul and rhythm, which Franky rides out perfectly with his sharp, sophisticated and distinct flow.

One of the things I like most about this song, is the fact that Franky August has an element of unpredictability…  while you might think you know where he’s taking this, he hits you with a simplistic, most dope and catchiest chorus which just stays in your head all day!

To be honest, it’s not just that… there’s something else to with his delivery which just feels so right. Forget Future, the self titled super-trapper, because he’s just trash… and I must admit that I was a little worried Franky was going to sound like a wannabe FUTURE but boy was I wrong! That’s what my ass gets for judging a book by its cover, this boy is where it’s at. Franky August is a very talented but heavily underrated artist (in my opinion).

His brand of sound deserves a much bigger audience, it deserves radio play and quite frankly, when I look at Franky I see a star. The boy has “it”. Whatever you want to call it, whether it be the “x-factor”, the “wow factor” or the “dope factor” – he’s naturally got it. Doesn’t sound pretentious, doesn’t brag, doesn’t over do it… he just sings that real life ish that is missing nowadays in the industry.

“Undercover” is “Just a song I wanted to put out, the song is about how I personally hide my emotions and feelings to people…” – the creative singer points out.

Give it a listen below and don’t forget to check his latest mixtape “Forever August”, it’s lit!


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