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Critics say Ontario born rapper Drew Howard has birthed the Toronto sound and from the opening notes of ‘Benny and Lil’ Zee’ you know they’re not wrong. What started as a one off collaboration with producer Birthday Boy, luckily turned into a full-length project leading to an explosive EP. Howard’s ‘Benny and Lil’ Zee’ has you singing along after two plays and transports me back to my teenage days of driving around with nothing to do but play some tunes. The 23 year old rapper is the master of wordplay, his lulling repetition combined with synthetic beats and harmonious R & B melodies has even the most uncoordinated among us bopping along! If there’s one thing you do this autumn listen to Benny and Lil’ Zee but if you want to be really kind to yourself listen to the full length EP and watch the party start.

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