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“ALL ME / ON ME” is one of the latest releases by the super charismatic rapper/wordsmith Drew, hailing from Los Angeles, CA.

The hard hitting single is a message to drew’s “frienemies” who (seemingly) put the pressure on him to blow up and make something out of his music career – Something that most ambitious people can relate to and have had to face, when jealousy and cynicism overpower the judgement of those closest to us, as they pretty much don’t want you to win. Specially since the talent and hard work put in by the more ambitious type, tends to highlight these “frienemies” shortcomings.

Everything about the release is magnificent, from the beat, to the lyrics to the chorus – it all sounds refined and polished. You can tell that Drew worked hard for his craft to be where it is and it is nothing short of admirable.

With lyrics such as “[…] really they never sweat me, this hate is just temporary, and yeah they gone’ love me like the 14th of February, in 20-17 this money making machine, gone’ switch into overdrive and whip a dream into cream” – you just know you’re witnessing the making of something very special.

What more can be said? … L.A. just stays winning!


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