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Let us introduce you to the polished sounds of uk rapper/artist D I N O and his latest album release “For Me”, which is available for streaming on Soundcloud right now! There’s so many great points about this classy body of work, it makes it hard to know where to begin… For starters, the soulful and minimalistic production is simply mesmerising. DINO’s composure on the microphone is that of an artisan, his flow is well paced, the delivery is tightly controlled and his word-play is super creative.

DINO’s lyrics touch upon everyday common subjects such as inner-city challenges, confidence and self-esteem issues, social/peer pressures and freedom pursuits, but it’s also important to point out that this album has an overall inquisitive, observant and positive output with great vibes for you to chill to.

No doubt, you are in the presence of a true MC. The beat selection is jaw-dropping throughout – smooth and stylish beats complement the rapper’s voice and execution down to a tee.

Standing at 13 tracks long, “Twilight” kicks off this piece with the opening lyrics “Caught me in the twilight / The yard’s where I’ve been Living in my hindsight / You’re busy living for the fame and the limelight / Live you life right, hope he sees your best highlights” – and straight away you get a reassuring feeling that DINO’s album is going to be special.

“Float” follows, and for me personally, this track is one of the album highlights in what is already a ‘pretty hard to choose a favourite track’ kind of album… but what did it for me was the beat, with its slick mute bass, the jazzy sax and DINO’s perfect flow made it pretty clear that “Float” is the ‘one’.

Other highlights include the future classic “NO Days Off” which boasts slick lyrics and a classic hip-hop beat, “Ups + Downs” which curiously uses the same beat as “Float”, then there’s “Blocked Nose” where you can hear insane wordplay which might go over a lot of people’s heads such as “Things ain’t always what it seems when you’re around the baddest / Ignore the planets I’m the Star that’s why you look at me / The only time you’re ever aligned comes with a booking fee […]” and finally “Shameless Freestyle”.

As I said previously, there’s many great points in regards to this amazing hip-hop album – from its timeless, classic production, for which DINO enlisted the help of genius producers such as Moods, Cratez, Bluntone, J Leon, Aso and TheBeatPlug, all the way to the rapper’s conscious lyrics, effortless delivery and distinct artistry.

Having already experienced some formal airplay exposure on BBC3 and BBC 1Xtra Radio (for those who don’t know these a major radio stations in the UK), the artist remains super humble in regards to his journey:

“It’s been a strange journey as I always felt my calling was playing football (soccer). I ended up playing in California for a year in 2012 which didn’t work out but while I was out there I developed this urge to start writing after Kendrick dropped good kid Maad city […]”

He also adds: “My love for HipHop is rooted deeply since I can remember but only ever recently felt like I was ready to put thoughts on a track and put it out into the world and ever since then I haven’t looked back”

Well… we are absolutely stoked that he decided to give music a try, as DINO and his latest release “For Me” are a great find for any hip-hop head or soulful music lover – PLUS – Hip-hop hasn’t sound this good in a cool minute!

So do us a favour… don’t waste any more of your time reading this, just press play.


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