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If you’ve been looking for new up and coming bands to follow up, then look no further for you have come to the right place.

Recently released by creativity led Australian indie band Corniglia, is their hypnotising debut single and music video titled “Oh My Love” which is available online on Soundcloud and Youtube for free!

The single which speaks of emotional battles and perhaps the eternal war between darkness and light within us all, is surprisingly uplifting and inspiring as stylistic harmonies embrace the group’s lead singer’s mesmerising vocals, which fit together perfectly like a hand to a glove!

The music video which features emotionally rich stop-motion imagery adds another dimension to the bands character, as they come off as cool, visionary and confident in who they are as musicians and individuals.

Originally from Perth, Australia, the band was formed initially by Matt Irwin, the brains behind the group, his brother Mitchell, lush vocalist Chloe de Paoli, bass player Scott Young, James Stevens-Cutler on the keyboards and Mike Litton on the drums, and according to their website, we are pleased to say that the band is currently applying the finishing touches to their debut album which should be released at some point in 2017!

“Oh My Love” is the type of song that will set your imagination loose as Corniglia’s music feels expansive and soul touching. It also has an “everything will be ok” kind of vibe so it’s brilliant to play whenever we’re feeling down, but overall, it is a beautifully written and delivered masterpiece by this forward thinking band who should expect nothing but big things in the future!


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