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We’re really excited about this one. Up and coming, young music producer Caleb Alleyne has recently released the first of a four-part EP series, titled “City in the Sound: Knoxx”.

First time hearing it and we must say it is quite good. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the producer has been making music for 8 years now, and after a 7 month break which Caleb used to go on a soul searching quest, he came back fresher, more refined and with a firmer grip on the direction he’s taking his craft and life journey.

The brilliant “City in the Sound: Knoxx” EP reflects a lot of Caleb’s personal values and ethereal approach to life.  “City in the Sound” is a phrase that suggests wherever we go in life (city) depends on our energy, frequency, & vibrations (sound). This concept has been a recurring theme & lesson for me throughout my coming of age & my journey as a producer.” the artist revealed, while adding “The name ‘Knoxx’ comes from the Latin word “nox” which translates to “night” or “darkness” in English”.

It starts with an 80’s inspired classic r’n’b beat “Cusiamo St.” – which immediately disarms the unsuspecting listener, with its warm, cool and smooth vibes, but at the same time it leaves you quite perplexed, wondering what the hell you got yourself into… Once the second track “fwm” kicks in though, a clear picture starts forming, and you’ll soon realise that Caleb has a rare and special talent to share with the world, boasting sounds which are bursting with flavour, creativity and soulful layers of chilled grooves!

By the time we got to the EP’s 3rd track “west end girl” we were ready to have an eargasm, which we did. Sublime kicks meet stylish synth chords, and rhythmic guitars, switching it up ‘chopped and screwed’ style towards the end.. It’s pro stuff and this dude knows exactly what he is doing.

4th track “home” highlights the producer’s versatility with a more ‘bubbly’, almost lo-fi pop approach, while the last gem (and our favourite) in “City in the Sound: Knoxx” EP, exposes the listener to Caleb’s grimier, self expressive, darker production side in “the town” which closes the EP in masterful fashion.

“[…] I have worked with an array of local artists, mostly with Toronto-based rapper Pryde. My ultimate goal is to achieve the level of commercial success that producers like Pharrell Williams & Scott Storch have achieved, if not greater” – the stand out producer explained.

Well, we believe that if this quality, dedication and creativity is maintained, whether he achieves those levels or not is irrelevant, but we believe that he might very just pull it off! Who knows? Give it a listen below, tell us what you think.


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