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What better way to end the working week other than by grabbing a cold beer and easing into the sounds of Stockholm based boardwalk punk band BillyEd? Not bad eh?

“The Road We Call Life” is the diverse, energetic, debut album by the Swedish group which exposes the many boring, less desirable aspects of life while highlighting all the good things that we can still take pride in and live for!

The album is shaped by 7 uncompromising tracks, focusing on a good old, indie/punk soundscape  with a hint of european perspective and artistry, as the group which is fronted by original founding member Edvin Sandsrtöm has managed to produce a clean and refined sonic body, elevated by heaps of distinction and class.

Our personal favourite has to be “Morning Comes” – a sentimental, heartfelt song which is both inspiring and haunting at times… but don’t let this fool you though, there’s not much room for vulnerability in this album piece as songs such as ”The One”, the titled track “The Road We Call Life” and “We Came Close” all carry plenty of kick and enthusiasm to keep you on your feet playing air guitar in the mirror while pulling faces!

We’re not quite sure what the immediate future holds for the band in terms of future releases yet, but we hope there’s more work on the way from the talented outfit as “The Road We Call Life” offers a pleasurable, escapist route out of the daily drudgery and rat race. Add this to the fact that they must be doing something right as I was shocked to see one of my colleagues who’s not a particular fan of any type of rock music, playing imaginary drums like he was the star of a rock a show, while the album was playing!

Talk about the power of music, eh? Just kick back and enjoy it folks! (Play it here: spotify:album:6Sr9GmcaDRYYy55XOHf6p2)


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