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Wow. Sometimes it’s possible to come across these rare artists that as soon as your hear them, you know they’re going to be special. Where can I even start!? For starters, vocally he’s at the same level as the best R&B and soul artists out there right now… I’m thinking Roy Woods, The Weekend, Majid Jordan, Bryson Tiller. I mean… It’s just on a different league to most up and coming artists right now!

‘Frankie’s Got A Problem’ is a smooth R&B track that if justice was done, it could easily play in all the big stations, music channels and clubs… So how is he not signed yet!? We’ll probably never know… but the boy got skills.

Supported by his ever so sexy and attractive voice, the super talented singer songwriter made his debut this year and is showcasing a very promising future ahead.

Hailing from Atlanta, the singer is a bonafide hitmaker in the making, sure to be a role model for all of his hometown peers, highlighting the fact that Atlanta stays winning! Check it out below.


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